I care about the welfare of pets. I have ProPetHero First Aid and CPR certification which covered 31 lessons of intense pet first aid. My knowledge was tested. Devoted Dog is also insured and bonded.


I hold certification from the International Academy of Canine Trainers. The Academy is a private career school registered with B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education and is regulated and registered with the Private Career Institutions Agency of BC (PCIA). PCIA also protects student’s tuition and sets the standards of education for the instructor and the curriculum. The course is all based on requirements outlined by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT.com). My training is also based on today’s standards of positive reinforcement training and scientific learning theory.

Personal Experience

Since a very early age I have been around all kinds of animals, and my best understanding comes from both domesticated and wild animals. Starting at fifteen I have rescued animals both wild and domestic from situations where these animals were either in need of immediate medical attention, lost or abused. Outside of work, my husband and I support wildlife preservation, sanctuary protection for wildlife and safe havens for abused domestic animals. We both enjoy time outdoors and with family, friends, and of course the family dogs!

Areas of Training


A dog’s world is their oyster and they constantly sniff and watch you to get information. They are naturally devoted. “Dogs have instinctive intelligence, adaptive intelligence, and working and obedience intelligence” stated Dr. Stanley Coren, author of The Intelligence of Dogs. Building the training relationship between you and your dog is the first step. Patient, steady, consistent training is what dogs require and every dog’s learning capability is different. Breed, age, environment, health, diet your dog’s intelligence and personality will make the difference in his/her learning capabilities so firstly I will assess your dog and his/her relationship with you, and the behaviour in his/her natural environment.


This is best for puppies (must be 4 months and older for advanced training levels of stay and heel), and older dogs that have no training or that need refreshment training. Showing you’re the boss and re-establishing or furthering a bond with leash work, and the basic commands come, heel, sit, stay, lay-down, stand, leave it and out.


Showing you’re the boss and creating a bond for both owner and their dogs. Training and educating you on how to exude your inner authority where your dog will learn boundaries and connect to you as a higher-ranking partner that he/she should follow. Wolf pack leaders work as problem solvers, they show compassion, they provide direction, they provide stability to the pack. They are not necessarily dominant, aggressive and intimidating to subordinates.


Behaviour why your dog misbehaves? Cause and Correction? Correcting unwanted disrespectful behaviour to name a few: jumping, nipping, chewing, anti-social behaviour, fear, excessive barking, reactivity towards other dogs, overly dominant. Your dog needs to understand what you want of he/she, how it should be done and what is off limits. Communicating effectively with your dog so he/she will not be anxious or bewildered but more relaxed and at ease because you are now the decision maker and leader. “The wolf also passed along to dogs its most indispensable qualities: devotion to its pack, sociability, and a capacity for learning, communication, and expression”, The Hidden Life of Wolves by Jim and Jamie Dutcher.

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